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Dual Screen Magic

A gorgeous, first-of-its-kind, dual screen design combining a 55” 4K HDR Theater Display with a second Smart Screen.


Room Shake,
Ear Quake

Seamlessly integrated. 6 speakers. Excellent bass. Feel like you’re in the movies or at a concert.

Smart Screen

To Streaming and Beyond

Telly’s second Smart Screen goes way beyond streaming becoming the heartbeat of your living room.

Video Calling

Stay connected on the biggest screen in your home.

Home Feed

Stay updated with the latest news, sports scores, weather, stocks, and more.


Listen and discover millions of songs on your favorite music service.

Voice Assistant

Say “Hey Telly” to control your living room with an AI-driven voice assistant.


Turn the living room into a fitness studio with motion-tracking fitness programs.

Mood Lighting

Set the mood with immersive backlighting seamlessly integrated into Telly.

Game Room

Bring family back together for game night, packed with more than 40 video games.

All For Free

So Smart,
It Pays for Itself

All TVs come with ads. It’s time you got cut in. Brands pay for the non-intrusive ad on the second Smart Screen. Those ads pay for Telly. Plain and simple.

Biggest leap forward since color TV

55” 4K HDR main TV screen
Integrated second Smart Screen
Powerful 6-driver soundbar
Video Calling on the big screen
Tons of video games in Game Room
Voice Assistant
Interactive fitness studio in the living room
Latest news, sports scores, weather, stocks and more
Listen and discover music and podcasts
Set the mood with the immersive backlight
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