We’re building the ultimate TV experience.

Shouldn’t TV Be More Than Streaming?

We think TV is an essential gathering spot. A reflection of the people that share in its smarts. A unifying hub to stay entertained, informed, fit and connected. We call this Telly and it’s the heartbeat of your home.

If you share this vision join us!

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Executive Leadership

Ilya Pozin
Co-Founder, CEO
Shervin Pishevar
Co-Founder, Chairman
Sascha Prueter
Chief Product Officer
Julia Shullman
General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer
Dallas Lawrence
Chief Strategy Officer & Head of Communications
Bob Ivins
Head of Data Strategy
Joe Chu
Head of Hardware
John Hwang
Head of Hardware, Product
Eric Loes
Head of Software Engineering
Zach Ferres
Head of Operations & Finance
Jared Mellin
Head of Logistics
Neal Tiles
Head of Partnerships
Mathew Brian
Head of Brand
Tarah Sinovic
Head of Go To Market