Major Software Update: September 2023

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11 Jan 2022
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Major Software Update: September 2023

We are excited to get our newest release into your hands. Please see details of the release below.

New and Improved Features on Telly

  1. New Telly power up screen- When you power on, you will see the welcome animation and branding. 
  2. Updated navigation design on the Smart display and menus- explore the new layout and design of the Telly smart screen menu making it faster & smoother to navigate. 
  3. New Telly Home Screen- When you power on Telly, you will now see the Telly home screen welcoming you. To begin watching TV from this screen, simply select the input you would like to use and begin using Telly. When you click the home button on the Telly remote, this is the screen it will bring you back to. 
  4. Audio enhancements- This software update includes many audio tuning enhancements and bass improvements. 
  5. Zoom calling- Now you can navigate to the “Video calling” section of the smart display and open zoom to host your first video call right from your Telly! 
  6. New games on the Smart Display- Watch your favorite content on the home theater display while others in the room play new games like “flappy bird” and “get the ball” on the smart display.
  7. Listen to music on Telly- Use Spotify or Live One to listen to your favorite playlist or podcast with the 6 driver built-in Telly sound bar.
  8. Telly Remote Power On/Off- Using the Telly remote control, you can now press the power button down for 1 second to power just the theater display (top screen) off. This allows the smart display (bottom screen) to remain powered on so you can utilize the features of the smart display like listening to music. Pressing and holding down the power button for 3 seconds will turn both displays off. 
  9. Remote control backlight- The screen control buttons above & below the circular navigation pad will now light up when you select the theater or smart display control.  
  10. CEC control- The Telly remote control can now control select functions for some 3rd party devices (like Apple TV, Fire TV, etc). Please note that functionality varies widely based on the 3rd party device you are using. 
  11. Expandable widgets- Upon popular request from our beta testers, you can now click any of your widgets on your home screen and see them expand. 
  12. Ambient light (the light behind Telly)- in the settings menu, you can change colors, dim, and turn off. 
  13. Factory reset from your Telly app- If you need to factory reset your Telly for any reason, you can now do this right from your Telly mobile app. To do this - open your Telly app, go into settings, click on ‘system profile’, scroll to the 2nd option that says “Factory Reset” and follow the prompts. Please make sure your TV is online and powered on for this feature to work.

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