Major Software Update: October 2023

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11 Jan 2022
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Major Software Update: October 2023

Thank you for your continued support and feedback through our beta program. We are thrilled to announce a new software release. Your Telly will automatically update within the next few days. Please see details of the release below.

New and Improved Features on Telly

  1. Easier Auto-Updates: Every time you power on, Telly automatically checks for the latest software update and installs it when available.
  2. Simplified Home Navigation: We’ve refined home navigation. It’s easier than ever to see the time, weather, date, and adjust system settings at a glance.
  3. Soundbar Upgraded: Enjoy clearer, richer sound with our enhanced audio tuning of Telly’s powerful 6-driver soundbar.
  4. HDMI Improvements: 1) Name your HDMI inputs, 2) Improved switching speed, and 3) Better input detection.
  5. Weather Improvements: Get more out of your weather widget with increased accuracy and reliability.
  6. Smoother Smart Screen Navigation: Move around the Smart Screen (bottom screen) with improved ease and speed.
  7. Silent Navigation: Don’t like the navigation ‘click’ sounds? Now you can mute them under settings > Picture & Sound > Menu > navigation sound.

Quick Tips 

  • Dual-Screen Power Off: Press the power button on your Telly remote for 3 seconds to turn off both the Theater Display (top screen) and Smart Screen (bottom screen).
  • Mood Lighting Built-In: Set the perfect mood with the built-in premium backlight! Adjust Telly’s mood lighting by going to settings and selecting  "Ambient Light" on your smart screen.
  • Video Games Are Here: Telly is preloaded with over 40 video games like Crossy Road, Tetris, and Trivia! Just head to "Game Room" on the smart screen to play.
  • Video Calls On The Big Screen: Stay connected with video calling on the big screen using the Zoom app. Navigate over to "Video Calling" on the smart screen to start chatting.

We’re Always Happy To Help

For step-by-step videos, guides, FAQs and support visit:

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